Your Partners in Employment

Looking for Work

Job Preparation

Worklink helps you prepare for work and then find a job that suits you. Worklink offers one on one and group based support depending on your needs.


Worklink can help you market yourself to potential employers.

On the Job Support

Worklink can work with you at workplace or away from work to ensure you can be your best while at work.

Ongoing Support

Worklink will continue to support you after you have a job for as long as you need.

Work Assist

If you are already employed and your health condition, injury or disability is impacting your ability to do your job Worklink can support you to feel confident at work.

Next Step

If you are serious about getting help to find the right job for you then get in touch by:

Email or call 4031 0877

Looking to Employ

Free Personalised Recruitment

Worklink can help employers and business owners to find the right employees for their workplace

Education and Training

Worklink can assist with on the job training for your new staff member.

Wage Subsidies

Various wage subsidies are available to help employers create employment opportunities for people.

Post-Placement Support

Worklink will continue to partner with you and your employee for as long as need.

Work Assist

Worklink are able to support any pre-existing employees with an injury, illness or health condition so they can feel in control and confident at work, and you keep your valued employee.